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January-February 2012


Performance Specs 28th Edition

Volume 42 No. 1


Simple Cycle Design Ratings

OEM design performance specifications for more than 250 gas turbines in production for 50/60-Hz electric power and cogeneration projects.

Updated by GTW editors, pp 10-19.


Combined Cycle Design Ratings

OEM standard reference plant design performance specifications for optimized 50/60-Hz combined cycle power blocks with unfired HRSGs.

Updated by GTW editors, pp 26-33.


Mechanical Drive Design Ratings

OEM design performance specifications for aero derivative and heavy frame gas turbines for geared and direct drive oil & gas pipeline, LNG and petrochemical projects.

Updated by GTW editors, pp 36-39.


Marine Propulsion Design Ratings

OEM design performance specifications for marinized gas turbines for hybrid, waterjet, propeller shaft ship propulsion and ship electric power generation projects.

Updated by GTW editors, pp 42-43.

March-April 2012


Volume 42 No. 2


LM6000PH can deliver 47.9MW

within 5 minutes of a cold start

DLN gas turbine ISO rated at 47.9MW base load output and 40.7% efficiency is being string tested; launch order for two production units is expected to ship in early 2013.

By Robert Farmer, pp 8-12.


Retrofitting wet compression to

boost V94 and 501 performance

Operating experience with retrofitting wet compression technology to increase the power output and efficiency of old V94 and W501 gas turbine at a modest investment cost.

By Sian Crampsie, pp 14-20.


NETL study for total plant costs

of 555MW combined cycle plant

Estimated total plant cost of a conceptual 2x1 advanced Fr 7FB plant with DLN and SCR are broken out to show equipment, construction and EPC costs in base year 2007 dollars.

By Victor deBiasi, pp 22-26.


540MW combined cycle replacing

uneconomic gas-fired steam plant

More flexible and efficient 7FA design offers spinning-reserve start-up. single digit NOx and CO from 100% load to 40% turndown, under 1.000 lbs of CO2 per MW-hr output.

By Sian Crampsie, pp 28-30.

May-June 2012


Volume 42 No. 3


Saturn uprating GTD-110 to

130MW and 37.5% efficiency

Within three years, NPS Saturn in Russia expects to introduce a GTD-110M gas turbine upgrade which will be rated at over 58% combined cycle for 50Hz power projects.

By Robert Farmer, pp 14-18.


Upgraded GT13E2 delivering

15-min start and 15 ppm NOx

Alstom has upgraded the GT13E2 gas turbine design to deliver 10 percent more power at a simple cycle ISO rating of 202.7MW gross output and 38% gross plant efficiency.

By Junior Isles, pp 19-23.


Shale gas boom behind BC Hydro

LM6000PF combined cycle project

Repowering LM6000PF combined cycle conversion has increased site capacity, with supplementary duct firing, to 73MW winter output from original 47MW simple cycle.

By Bill Owen, pp 24-28.


July-August 2012


Volume 42 No. 4


CLN uprates 501 to 6.0MW with

under 18 ppm NOx and zero CO

Cheng Power retrofit has increased power output of 501-KB7S units in cogeneration service to 6.0MW from 5.2MW while cutting emissions to 18 ppm and virtually zero CO.

By Victor deBiasi, pp 10-13.


30MW-class L30A gas turbine

rated at over 41% efficiency

KHI recently completed a 3-year factory test of its newly developed twin-shaft L30A gas turbine which is rated at 30,900kW shaft output and 41.3% simple cycle efficiency.

By Robert Farmer, pp 14-17.


European utility views on how

gas turbines fit into the future

“Voice of the Customer” panel highlights at “TurboExpo 2012” in Copenhagen on the impact of gas turbine performance and flexibility on enhancing profitability of assets.

By Septimus van der Linden, pp 19-23.


Inlet spray intercooling furthers

Trent 60 WLE design flexibility

Base load output of upgraded Trent 60 WLE, modified to add water spray intercooling, has been raised to 64MW from 58MW and turndown lowered to 18MW output range.

By Junior Isles, pp 24-28.


September-October 2012


Volume 42 No. 5


Lodi 300MW Flex 30 plant

marks a new era for the US

Newly built Siemens combined cycle at Lodi, designed to deliver 200MW to the grid within 30 minutes of startup, is designed for daily cycling at over 57% plant efficiency.

By Junior Isles, pp 10-16.


Flexibility design mods aimed

at regaining CCGT profitability

Profitability of under-utilized combined cycle plants continues to deteriorate, but there are engineering programs owners can initiate to make existing assets more competitive.

By Tim Probert, pp 18-22.


Gzero power and service life

upgrade for old RB211 units

Overhaul retrofit of existing RB211-C and –G engines can increase power output by up to 30 percent and achieve 37.7% efficiency of the most advanced RB211-GT62 design.

By Victor deBiasi, pp 24-28.


Overnight power delivered by

trailer-mounted rental gensets

Mobile FT8 genset packages transported by land, sea and air for emergency, standby, backup and isolated site generation in less than one day after arriving at a prepared site.

By Robert Farmer, pp 30-33.


November-December 2012


Volume 42 No. 6


Power-to-gas storage of excess

renewable and base load power

Surplus wind turbine energy can be conserved at any time of day or night to produce hydrogen by electrolysis for storage or fuel blending to generate electricity on demand.

By Tim Probert, pp 12-18.


Prospects for lower cost and more

efficient coal-based IGCC power

Cost of electricity for high efficiency gas turbine and air-blown plants could be 20% lower than for steam plants and justify the relatively higher capital cost of IGCC plants.

By Junior Isles, pp 20-23.


Two-shaft SGT-300 MD rated

8.2MW and 34.6% efficiency

For variable speed drive of compressors and pumps, this new gas turbine can burn high and medium-Btu fuels and survive long term operation in harsh and corrosive conditions.

By Robert Farmer, pp 25-28.


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