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January-February 2013


Performance Specs 29th Edition

Volume 43 No. 1


Foreword to SC plant specs

Conversions for performance ratings, rule of thumb correction factors to approximate off-ISO rated power and heat rate, normal degradation with age.

By editorial staff, pp 7-11.


Simple Cycle Design Ratings

OEM design performance specifications for more than 250 gas turbines in production for 50/60-Hz electric power, CHP and cogeneration projects.

By editorial staff, pp 12-21.


Foreword to CC power plants

Performance rating conditions, gross vs. net power output and efficiency, effect of design tradeoffs on ratings, common operating losses.

By editorial staff, pp 24-26.


Combined Cycle Design Ratings

OEM standard reference plant design performance specifications for optimized 50/60-Hz combined cycle power blocks with unfired HRSGs.

By editorial staff, pp 28-35.


Mechanical Drive Design Ratings

OEM design performance specifications for aero and heavy frame gas turbines for geared and direct drive oil & gas pipeline, LNG and petrochemical projects.

By editorial staff, pp 38-41.


Marine Propulsion Design Ratings

OEM design performance specifications for marinized gas turbines for propulsion system and ship electric power generation projects.

By editorial staff, pp 43-44.


March-April 2013


Volume 43 No. 2


1600MW expansion phase to

double aluminum production

Two 2x1 9F-3 series combined cycle additions rated 787MW each will reduce plant NOx emissions to 9 ppm from 35 ppm and increase capacity to over 1.5 million tons per year.

By Junior Isles, pp 15-20.


Enabling SC plants to achieve

CC efficiency at low $/kW costs

Retrofitting simple cycle gas turbine plants with an HRSG for Cheng cycle steam injection matches combined cycle output and efficiency without the steam turbine cycle.

By Victor deBiasi, pp 22-29.


Zorya launching 45 and 60MW

gensets for 50Hz world market

New GTE-45 genset is rated at 45,000kW base load output and 34.4% simple cycle efficiency while its GTE-60 cousin is nominally rated at 60,000kW and 37.0% efficiency.

By Robert Farmer, pp 31-35.



Recuperated semi-closed cycle

capable of 55-60% efficiency

Proven SCRC technology offers CO2 capture readiness, 55 to 60% efficiency, above 50% at low load, power pickup in seconds, lower specific cost than CCGT plants.

By Dr. Hans Wettstein, pp 36-44.


May-June 2013


Volume 43 No. 3


H-80 dual shaft gas turbine rated

Over 110 MW and 37% efficiency

Hitachi 1300°C-class unit is sized for “drop-in” replacement of existing combined cycle GTs as well as new 50/60Hz simple and combined cycle power generation projects.

By Victor deBiasi, pp 10-16.


Hybrid combined cycle built around

aero and heavy frame gas turbines

Asymmetric design offers best of both worlds to provide shorter startup time with greater flexibility and exceptionally good low part-load operating characetristics and emissions.

By Harry Jaeger, pp 18-27.


M701F5 shares J-class engineering

for 61% combined cycle efficiency

Comparatively smaller M701F5 combined cycle plant is rated at 525MW and 61% efficiency compared to 680MW and 61.7% efficiency for more advanced M701J design.

By Robert Farmer, pp 28-31.


7500hp-class marine version of

helicopter turboshaft gas turbine

Marine design for propulsion and gensets is identical to a  heavy lift copter engine under development with 20% lower SFC and 60% fewer parts than the engine it will replace.

By Robert Farmer, pp 32-35.

July-August 2013


Volume 43 No. 4


Cost tradeoffs for aero and heavy

frame combined cycle powerplants

Estimates for comparably rated combined cycle plants can vary by as much as 30% depending on equipment design choices and impact of engineering tradeoffs on costs.

By Dr. Maher Elmasri, pp 10-13.


6.5 MW GT6 gas turbine series

NOx cut 60% to under 10 ppm

New premix combustor technology for upgraded GT6 series will limit NOx to less than 10 ppm down to 50% load for gensets and 70% for two-shaft mechanical drive units.

By Robert Farmer, pp 14-21.


175 MW Nanxun cogen plant to

power industrial zone and grid

Utility in China is building a 175MW combined cycle cogen facility powered by two 1x1 6F power blocks that will generate electricity and process steam for local industry.

By Junior Isles, pp 22-24


SGT-800 cogen plant replacing

coal-fired unit at chemical park

Marl Chemical Park combined cycle plant is rated at 66.6MW net and 53.8% efficiency without duct firing, with NOx limited to 15 ppm and CO at 5 ppm down to 50% load.

By Junior Isles, pp 26-30.



September-October 2013


Volume 43 No. 5


El Segundo combined cycle offers

300 MW of peaking in 10 minutes

550MW station with two 1x1 5000F combined cycle blocks reaches full output within 60 minutes of start and ramp at 30-35 MW/min with 2 ppm limit on NOx and virtually no CO.

By Junior Isles, pp 12-16.


Retrofitting old 9F and 9B/E units

to increase power and efficiency

Advanced gas path upgrades and new controls software are adding about 4-6% more power and1-2% better efficiency with 33% greater outage intervals for maintenance

By Victor deBiasi, pp 18-20.


Marine MT7 gas turbine to power

next-gen amphibious hovercraft

New engine rated at 5,230 shp continuous and 0.4 lb/hp-hr SFC (34.5% efficiency) with 12 inch inlet and 20 inch exhaust losses on a 100°F day operating on marine diesel fuel

By Robert Farmer, pp 22-24.


Dubal upgrading combined cycle

plants to lower cost of electricity

In a competitive move to lower its prices Dubai Aluminium is upgrading a 2,350MW power station to boost production and reduce cost of electricity for smelter operations.

By Junior Isles, pp 26-28.


November-December 2013


Volume 43 No. 6


Fast-start combined cycle rated

at 400 MW and 59% efficiency

M501GAC-Fast plant can deliver 270MW of non-spinning gas turbine reserve in less than 10 minutes of startup and full 400MW combined cycle output within 30 minutes.

By Harry Jaeger and Victor deBiasi, pp 8-12.


Air injection restores gas turbine

power lost to hot day operation

Supplementary 5-10% combustion air injection generates 10-20% more gas turbine power with near combined cycle efficiency at a capital cost of $350-$400 per kW added.

By Victor deBiasi, pp 14-19.


Constant volume combustion for

the ultimate in gas turbine cycles

Successful development of pulse detonation combustion would open the door to 45% simple cycle and 65% combined cycle efficiencies at today’s firing temperatures of 2600-2750°F.

By Dr. S.C. Gulen, pp 20-25.


Digging into the thermodynamics

of alternative air-standard cycles

Review of basic thermodynamic principles that facilitate the qualitative analysis of alternative power cycles and evaluation of complex power generation systems.

By Dr. S.C. Gulen, pp 26-27.


Controls system upgrade of 190MW

multi-unit power station in Tanzania

Project to remove and replace old separate controls with a Metso custom system design to integrate operation of LM6000 and SGT600 units was completed within 72 hours of shutdown.

By Robert Farmer, pp 30-32.



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