September – October 2012

Lodi’s 300MW Flex 30 plant

ushers in a new era for the US

The Siemens Flex Plant 30 at Lodi designed to deliver 200MW of power to the grid within 30 minutes of startup is capable of daily cycling at over 57 percent combined cycle efficiency.

CLN uprates 501 to 6 MW with

under 18 ppm NOx and zero CO

Converting Rolls-Royce 501-KB7S gas turbines from DLE to CLN combustion has increased unit output to 6MW from 5.2MW and cut emissions to 18 ppm NOx and zero CO.

July – August 2012

May – June 2018

Squeezing Value
from Canadian Shale Gas

Fundamental changes to the global gas market are prompting a major expansion of gas transmission projects and associated infrastructure such as compressor stations. Demands for reliability make aeroderivative gas turbines a desirable choice for such mechanical drive applications.

March – April 2018

China showcases first 6F.01

The first GE 6F.01 gas turbine has begun operation at a combined heat and power plant in China. With its high electrical efficiency combined with high exhaust energy, the turbine looks set to carve out a niche in the global market for CHP plants of 150-180 MW.

November – December 2017

Originals or re-engineered?

Not all re-engineered parts provide equal or better performance or life to the original components they are replacing, so a careful evaluation should become part of the purchase consideration.

March – April 2017

Patriot designed to monetize

Marcellus shale gas

The Panda Patriot power plant is now up and running. Like its sister Panda Liberty project, the plant is specifically designed to monetize Marcellus shale gas by converting this cheap source of gas to electricity in the most efficient way.

January – February 2017

Simple Cycle Performance Specs

Standard design performance ratings and adjustments for actual site and operating conditionsAdjusting

Kawasaki No. 2 Power station. The second 701J entered commercial operation in July of 2016.

September – October 2016

Advanced heavy-duty develop- ments for the 50 Hz market

Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems has recently achieved two important milestones in the development of its heavy-duty gas turbines for the 50 Hz market. The first two M701J units are now in commercial operation, while a new upgraded M701F has been introduced and commissioned.

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GTW Handbook 2016-17

Calculating Fuel Requirements

Care must be taken in using published plant heat rates to calculate fuel requirements due to LHV and HHV difference.

November – December  2015

Industrial RB211-GT30 ready for

offshore oil and gas market

Siemens has developed the Industrial RB211-GT30, a new turbine based on a reliable and proven base, aimed at the offshore oil and gas industry. The Industrial RB211-GT30 is the first new product to emerge since the union of Rolls-Royce Energy with Siemens.

November – December  2015

Flexible 7HA.02 gas turbines for

Colorado Bend and Wolf Hollow

Exelon has ordered four GE 7HA.02 gas turbines for its two projects at Wolf Hollow and Colorado Bend, both in Texas, USA. These are the first US orders for what GE claims are the world’s largest and most efficient gas turbines.

July - August 2015

Path to advanced gas turbine driven

compressor control systems

With fluctuating oil prices, oil and gas executives are looking to invest in technology to increase efficiencies. Gas Turbine World looks at how technological advances in the era of the Industrial Internet are creating opportunities to increase gas turbine and compressor operational efficiency and drive predictive maintenance schedules.

May - June 2015

Himeji No.2 goes commercial

The new M501J gas turbine combined cycle units at Himeji No.2 have successfully started commercial operation and are demonstrating world-class levels of efficiency.


March - April 2015

More than just low NOx

New combustion technology achieves ultra-low NOx levels and yields near 100% combustion efficiency with improved simple cycle efficiency, fuel flexibility and wide operating envelope.


November - December  2014

Gearing up for a new supercritical CO2 power cycle system

Toshiba has almost completed detailed design in preparation for a turbine that will use carbon dioxide as the working fluid.

July - August 2014

La Caridad 500MW plant reducing

Grupo México’s COE by 40 percent

Unit II of La Caridad was declared ready for commercial operation in June this year, marking completion of the copper mining company’s two-unit 500MW combined cycle power plant.

March – April 2014

Clean ramping: the next challenge for quick start combined cycle operation

Thanks to flexible quick-start design, today’s CCGT plants can start fast and produce low start-up emissions. But now there is a new challenge: how do you keep emissions in compliance while changing load.

Online Exclusive – April 2014

Air-cooled 7HA and 9HA designs

rated at over 61% CC efficiency

Modular combined cycle plants powered by an air-cooled version of GE’s H-class gas turbines are rated at more than 61% net plant efficiency for 50Hz and 60Hz power generation.

November – December 2013

El Segundo combined cycle offers

300 MW of peaking in 10 minutes

550MW Flex-Plant 10 combined cycle project represents a growing trend in the use of combined cycle technology that has the ability to provide peaking and base load power to complement intermittent renewables.

May – June 2013

H-80 dual shaft gas turbine rated over 110MW and 37% efficiency

Hitachi’s 1300°C-class gas turbine is being marketed for ‘drop-in’ repowering of existing combined cycle plants and for new 50/60Hz power generation projects.

March – April 2013

Combined cycle heat rates at simple cycle $/kW plant costs

Fast full-load startup features make Cheng Cycle plants ideally suited for renewable energy backup to support solar and wind plants.

November – December 2012

Prospects for lower cost and

more efficient IGCC power

MHI believes that the cost of electricity for IGCC plants with high-efficiency gas turbines and air-blown gasification could be almost 20% lower than for conventional coal-fired steam plants and more than justify their relatively higher capital cost.

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