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Integrating hydrogen

Integrating hydrogen with renewables

With increasing pressure on fossil fuels, Mitsubishi Power has launched a standardized package that allows easier integration of hydrogen gas turbines, electrolyzers and storage.

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  • Performance Specs

    2020 Performance Specs, 36th Edition


    GTW’s Performance Specs issue is trusted by gas turbine owner operators and project engineers as their most used reference for OEM design ratings for over 600 industrial and aeroderivative gas turbine models in production around the world, updated annually.

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  • GTW Handbook 2020

    2020 GTW Handbook, Volume 35


    If you are looking to evaluate or compare gas turbine models, the Handbook offers performance data, pricing, and design specifications for industrial gas turbines.

    Used by: owner operators, project developers, power plant application engineers, gas turbine OEMs, product and service suppliers, federal and state energy agencies, investors and general energy community.

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