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    Provides the technical insight and practical context to meet the information needs of industry professionals involved with the development, application and operation of gas turbine power. Includes four issues of the magazine plus the annual GTW Performance Specs issue.

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  • 2018 Handbook, Volume 33


    The GTW Handbook is updated annually as a combination Reference and Buyers’ Guide for major phases of gas turbine power plant development, planning, evaluation, procurement, construction, operation and maintenance.

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  • 2018 Performance Specs, 34th Edition


    The GTW Performance Specs magazine is industry’s “go to” reference for accessing the latest engineering design ratings of gas turbine models in production around the world. It is updated each year to purge retired GTs no longer competitive and to replace them with new and upgraded GT model ratings.

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  • 2018-2027 Market Forecast


    A comprehensive predictive model builds on an historical database of gas turbine OEM Unit and MW orders to produce a baseline forecast of market demand by segment and OEM market share.

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