2019-2028 Market Forecast


Annual 10-year industrial gas turbine forecast that assesses market growth,  OEM market share by model, regional demand trends, unit orders and unit value.

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Solidly based on industry experience, unique database, in-depth analysis.

Historical Perspective (2013-2018)

  • Gas turbine market drivers
  • Gas turbine unit and MW orders
  • OEM and Regional unit and MW orders
  • Aero, Heavy and Light Industrial share

Ten-Year Outlook (2019-2028)

  • Global and Industry growth factors
  • Electric power generation sector
  • Oil & gas mechanical drive sector
  • OEM model market share and value

Outlook Details (2019-2023)

  • Heavy Frame orders (EPU sector)
  • Heavy Frame orders (O&G sector)
  • Light Industrial orders (EPU and O&G sectors)
  • Aeroderivative orders (EPU and O&G sectors)

Ten-Year Excel Data Analysis (2019-2028)

  • Baseline market forecast (EPU and O&G)
  • Upside market forecast (EPU and O&G)
  • Downside market forecast (EPU and O&G)

Research Scope
GTW’s Forecast Team tracks and analyzes market performance of key gas turbine OEMs who historically account for over 90 percent of industry orders. More than 50 interviews and hundreds of research hours each year go into producing the GTW Market Forecast.

What You Get

PDF of 36-page market analysis and companion Excel files for baseline, upside and downside forecasts.

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PDF of market analysis, Excel file of forecasts

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