Turboflo lubricants

2020 Handbook, Volume 35


GTW’s Handbook is an annually-updated gas turbine project reference for owner operators, project developers, power plant application engineers, gas turbine OEMs, product and service suppliers, consultants, federal and state energy agencies, investors and general energy community.

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Handbook Description

Gas Turbine Units

  • up to date review on new and upgraded gas turbine designs over the last 5 years
  • ratings for nearly 600 gas turbine models in production around the world
  • adjustment factors for estimating rated performance at site conditions
  • worldwide gas turbine project orders and installations by region

Gas Turbine Pricing
Pricing factors and scope of equipment supply for:

  • simple cycle gensets
  • combined cycle plants
  • mechanical drive units

GTW Research

  • over 60 industry interviews and OEM surveys
  • unique database of design ratings and pricing
  • hundreds of hours editorial staff research

Reality Check

Is it time for a reality check on record-breaking claims to 64% and higher combined cycle plant efficiency? Find out what one veteran consultant has to say about it. Sign up for access to the full article.