How can Gas Turbines lower carbon emissions?


Gas Turbines and the War Against Climate Change: the September 2021 issue of Gas Turbine Magazine looks at current technologies and requirements for achieving low-carbon emissions using gas turbines.

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Gas Turbines with low carbon emissions will require implementation of existing and new technologies.

What does the future of gas turbine technology hold given global objectives to reduce C02 emissions to combat climate change? Learn about advancements that will ensure gas turbines achieve low carbon emissions.

Issue Contents:

8 MW-class supercritical CO2 plant for emissions-free power.

First of its kind sCO2 -based heat recovery unit to be installed for commercial operation and field evaluation for fleet replication.

Sustainable power: How, and at what cost to make it a reality?

Needed technologies now exist for transition of gas turbines to low carbon power, but only a war-time mentality and Manhattan-project style effort on a global scale can make it happen.

Steps to achieving a successful global decarbonization strategy

Real action needed now to shift from electric power using >60% fossil fuels to <10% by 2040 with more carbon capture and less hype on green technologies.

Current gas turbine capabilities to run on high-H2 content fuel

OEMs strive to adapt advanced DLE combustors to operate on high-hydrogen fuel gas mixtures while developing new designs to run on 100% hydrogen fuel

R&D program to introduce new refractory-metal-based materials

Refractory alloys and coatings will enable gas turbines to operate at 1800°C (~3272°F) inlet temperature, 47% simple cycle efficiency, >66% combined cycle efficiency.

Reality Check

Is it time for a reality check on record-breaking claims to 64% and higher combined cycle plant efficiency? Find out what one veteran consultant has to say about it. Sign up for access to the full article.