Magazine, November-December 2011


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Founded in 1970, at the dawn of widespread industrial and electric utility acceptance of gas turbines for power generation, the magazine has been steadily reporting on development and deployment of gas turbines around the world in technical depth and real world context.

We write for a tough, demanding readership of practitioners: a mix of gas turbine designers, specifiers and builders, project application engineers, developers, owners, operators and consultants who share a common interest in the effective and profitable application of gas turbine power.

What sets us apart is our emphasis on the development and application of advanced technologies that extend the envelope of gas turbine performance in measures running the gamut from power rating, efficiency and emissions to plant reliability, operating flexibility, durability and life-cycle costs.

We take the job seriously – providing technical insight that addresses the practical interests of gas turbine engineers, buyers and end users.

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Reality Check

Is it time for a reality check on record-breaking claims to 64% and higher combined cycle plant efficiency? Find out what one veteran consultant has to say about it. Sign up for access to the full article.