2016 Performance Specs, 32nd Edition


The GTW Performance Specs magazine is industry’s “go to” reference for accessing the latest engineering design ratings of gas turbine models in production around the world. It is updated each year to purge retired GTs no longer competitive and to replace them with new and upgraded GT model ratings.



Updated design ratings of current-production gas turbine models for electric utility, oil & gas, petrochemical, industrial and marine power generation.

Organized into separate reference sections to provide application-specific data for simple cycle, combined cycle, mechanical drive and marine operation. Listings are searchable by OEM name and model designation.

For uniformity, performance ratings are given at ISO standard conditions, but correction factors are provided to enable adjustments in accord with specified site and operating conditions.

Widely used by application engineers, owner-operators, consultants and prospective end-users to select and evaluate gas turbine models best suited to project interests and requirements.

Reality Check

Is it time for a reality check on record-breaking claims to 64% and higher combined cycle plant efficiency? Find out what one veteran consultant has to say about it. Sign up for access to the full article.