2020 Performance Specs, 36th Edition


GTW’s Performance Specs issue is trusted by gas turbine owner operators and project engineers as their most used reference for OEM design ratings for over 600 industrial and aeroderivative gas turbine models in production around the world, updated annually.



The Performance Specs issue is a handy reference guide for updated OEM performance specifications for industrial and aeroderivative gas turbines ranging from under 1 MW to over 500 MW unit output. Compiled and updated in cooperation with international gas turbine builders and suppliers.


“The Performance Specs are very useful and helpful for quick reference. Always take it with me when I travel.”

“My primary information source for latest gas turbine model performance ratings and design features.”

“Facilitates my initial scoping/sizing studies.”

“My single best source of OEM gas turbine model performance data when time is of the essence.”

“I know it sounds geeky, but this is my favorite magazine. I refer to the Perfomance Specs every few weeks, it’s really helpful having all the data in one place, instead of searching.”

Reality Check

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